How do you see your city? Alleyway streetscape showing the back garage access to buildings. Buildings are covered in graffiti, some tags and some images, most noticeable in the foreground is a pineapple image, along with a large yellow and black 'no dumping sign'. You can also see vines over the buildings on the left, hydro poles, wires and trees further away against a blue sky. (c) Lisa Ditschun

This research is led by Lisa Ditschun through the Interdisciplinary Social Research Department at Trent University, in Peterborough Ontario. The work is currently being funded by an Ontario Graduate Scholarship and Trent University. 

Lisa [she/her] is a PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Social Research program at Trent University. Her research focuses on systems-level interventions in urban settings using a combination of interdisciplinary research approaches and application of this knowledge within a “Cities for Seven Generations” regenerative framework she is co-creating that prioritizes Indigenous worldviews in urban governance.

Lisa’s academic and career leadership works to identify and dismantle the social and environmental impacts of “traditional” urban planning through creativity, experimentation, restorative practices and regenerative design. She received an Honours Bachelors degree in Psychology and Fine Art from the University of Guelph and a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of British Columbia. Lisa also teaches at OCADU and Trent University in the space of interdisciplinary subjects and innovation approaches. 

As this research is actively in development, new ideas and research directions co-created with community will be shared as this work progresses. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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How do you see your city? Urban street view across a street and under a rail bridge. Coca-cola transport truck on left of image, figure walks on sidewalk to right. Sunlight pattern visible across screen, coming through rail lines above. (c) Lisa Ditschun