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How do you see your city? City street on a sunny day, view down the street facing the mid- and high-rise buildings across the road. (c) Lisa Ditschun

Cities for Seven Generations is an emerging area of interdisciplinary research, combining Indigenous studies, sociology and urban studies to examine and understand systemic problems we are facing as a community and society, and to develop equitable, co-created systems-level interventions and solutions.   

join us at one of our upcoming events and become part of this emerging movement.

Upcoming events

Information session

Why Cities for seven Generations?

Join for a general information session on the Cities for Seven Generations model to find out more about this emergent area of research, which combines Indigenous worldviews into an informed and equitable approach to city-building.

Open Conference


Details to come!

Past Events

invited speaker

trent Graduate Student Symposium

Dorothy Smith Anti-Conference

trent Graduate Student Symposium